Peridot is a beautiful yellowish green gemstone. Peridot has been valued for thousands of years for its natural beauty. In fact, legend says that some of the jewels Cleopatra wore weren’t emeralds but in fact Peridot.  This gem has a lot of history behind it.

Things to know about Peridot:

The American National Association of jewelers lists Peridot as their official gemstone for the month of August. It’s also used for the 16th wedding anniversary. 

It is the gemstone variety of olivine. In the United States it is most commonly mined in Arizona and New Mexico.  It can be found all over the world though including Norway, The Hawaiian Islands, select islands in the Red Sea, and even in meteorites.

 Peridot is used in many crystal therapy programs to treat the following conditions. 

One of its main uses is to calm nervous energy.  Peridot has a calming effect that can help settle anxious people.

Another benefit of its calming powers is it helps to remove anger. This is a great gemstone for those that are prone to road rage. 

Bad Luck
Peridot is also used to bring a wearer good luck. It’s one of the most favorite gemstones for people headed out to Las Vegas.

Good luck also applies when it comes to love. It’s said that this gem promotes finding love. If you’re hitting a rough patch in your love life it might be worth picking up a Peridot pendant.

If you are prone to sleep issues then Peridot might help. Aiding sleep is another one of its supposed benefits.

 So if you are looking for luck, love or calm then Peridotshould be your gem of choice. Not only does it have great crystal healing properties but it’s a gorgeous semi-precious stone as well. Whatever your reason, Peridot is a great choice for jewelry and healing.

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