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Garcinia CambogiaIf you are a regular viewer of Dr Oz then you will know that in one of his past episodes he spent some time talking about a new weight loss supplement known as garcinia cambogia. Dr Oz referred to it as a ‘revolutionary fat buster’.

Now, Dr Oz doesn’t sell garcinia cambogia nor did he recommend any particular brand, so it left people wondering just which brand is the best. Fortunately Dr Oz, or should I say the guest MD, did state exactly what you should look for when purchasing garcinia cambogia.

These included the following:

  • The label should contain the words ‘garcinia cambogia’ or ‘garcinia cambogia extract’.
  • It should contain at least 50% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).
  • It should contain potassium and/or calcium.
  • It should not contain any fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.

I have struggled with weight gain for a number of years now and have tried various things to lose weight with varying degrees of success.  Knowing that Dr Oz has a reputation for only endorsing products that work, I have decided to try garcinia cambogia and am just waiting on my supply to arrive.  I will document my results on Just Loving Life and I must say I am looking forward to getting started.

So with this in mind, I went looking for some brands that met the criteria advised by Dr Chen. There weren’t a lot of them and in many cases, they missed the calcium/potassium or they were full of fillers and so on.

Remember that if you are going to buy garcinia cambogia that you will need a couple of months worth of tablets, and three months would be better. This is to ensure you give it a chance to work.

So assuming you take 3 tablets a day (500mg tablet taken before each meal) then for one month you will need 90 tablets, two months – 180 tablets and 3 months – 270 tablets. This is at the lowest dose. If you take the highest recommended dose of 1500mg before each meal (which would be 3 tablets before each meal) then you are looking at  270 tablets for one month, 540 tablets for two months and 810 tablets for three months.

I have decided to go for the higher dose as recommended by Dr Oz.

So at the end of the day, this is what I came up with, in no particular order.

1. Garcinia Cambogia Select

We actually contacted the manufacturer directly to find out more about this product. We were able to get the label sent directly to us so we could see exactly what is in it.

As you can see it meets the criteria as set out by Dr Oz plus it is made in the USA.

You can get more details from the manufacturer by clicking here.

Garcinia Cambogia Select Ingredients


2. Garcinia Cambogia Gold

This is one of the biggest sellers of garcinia cambogia on eBay. Interestingly enough it gets very mixed reviews. Even some of those who have lost weight using it have left only 3 stars!! Why wouldn’t you leave 5 stars if you had lost the weight while using it?! I don’t get it.

This is the one that I have purchased because simply because was the first one I found that had the right ingredients. And I just wanted to get started asap – I’m not known for my patience.

You can purchase from Amazon by clicking here.

Garcinia Cambogia Gold Ingredients

3. Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This one gets quite good reviews on Amazon.

You can purchase from Amazon by clicking here.





Not All Echinaceas Are The Same

Echinacea capsules and tabletsWhat research tells us about Echinacea

This is the time of year when many people reach out for their Echinacea to help cope with the cold and flu viruses buzzing around us. So, it is perhaps appropriate that we have a quick look at what research tells us about Echinacea.

Strengthening the immune system

Perhaps the most common use of Echinacea is to strengthen the immune system and in this way, the body is more likely to resist infections such as colds and flu. So a recently published paper will be comfort to Echinacea users; it confirms that the herb does indeed improve the way the immune system works. In particular, it had a greater effect in those who were under stress due to worry or exams – those needing help most.

In 2007, the Lancet Infectious Diseases published research which found that Echinacea can more than halve the risk of catching the common cold. This conclusion was drawn by researchers from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Connecticut, who looked at 14 different studies on Echinacea. Overall, Echinacea was shown to decrease the chance of developing a cold by 58% and reduce the duration of colds by a day-and-a-half in people who were infected.

Be choosy when using Echinacea 

The authors of the Lancet paper noted that more work was needed on the quality of the Echinacea products used. It is clear that some products found on the high street may not be of the right quality – and this goes some way to explain why some Echinacea trials show disappointing results.

Other researchers are also of the same opinion – Goel and colleagues noted that less positive trials involving Echinacea were probably due to “the wide disparity in different preparations, lack of standardization of products on the basis of active components and undefined dosing procedures.”

Some years ago, an investigation into the quality of Echinacea preparations available in the US found that products differed widely in active substances, with 10% of those taken from health stores containing no measurable Echinacea. As many products in the UK come from America, it is likely that the situation could be the same here.

Treating the symptoms when you do get the cold

Some people believe that Echinacea is only useful for preventing colds and that it is less useful if you do get them. Research shows us that this is not true.

Apart from its action on the immune system, Echinacea has been found in the laboratory to have direct anti-viral effects on many of the organisms causing colds and flu, including the swine flu and bird flu viruses!

One of the great pioneers of herbal medicine, the Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel, said that the best way to use Echinacea was in the form of a tincture (drops) and to hold this in your mouth for 30 to 45 seconds before swallowing. We can now understand that using Echinacea in this way takes advantage of this anti-viral effect by zapping the cold viruses lurking at the back of your throat.

Many trials have shown that using Echinacea can reduce the symptoms of colds, helping speed up recovery. For example, Goel found that by using Echinacea as soon as a cold starts, 95% of people will be free of symptoms at 7 days compared to 63% taking placebo (dummy) medication. [4] Experts reviewing research information from 16 studies have confirmed that Echinacea can indeed reduce the duration and severity of symptoms of colds – but only if you use the right one.

Author Bio

Alison has worked in the health industry since 1987.  Alison lectures & trains on health issues, and is often to be found quoted in health magazines.



I love trying out supplements and we’ve tried a lot of them over time. I guess what I am looking for is something that works instantaneously. Most supplements need time to work so you don’t every really get the full impact of them until you’ve used them for months on end. This is generally why most people give up on them. We all want to see results now and we tend to lose interest if nothing happens within a week or so.

However, just recently we purchased a product called Better Than Coffee  from Primal Force (previously known as Choline Punch) and I have to say that I am mightily impressed. This is one of the first supplements I have tried that has had an immediate effect on me.

We found out about Better than Coffee from an email Wanda had received. In the past she had signed up to a newsletter by a Dr Al Sears. Dr Sears is one of those online doctors that focuses more on health products rather than pharmaceutical type products….which is always good to see! There are a few doctors like this – Dr Wright and Dr Mercola are another two. They basically heavily promote their products and if you have signed up to a newsletter you will probably be inundated with emails from them.

Now normally we would just ignore this type of promotional stuff because they are all generally the same. It usually goes something like this:

“This product is made from high quality leaf products picked by Nepalese Sherpa’s at the very top of Mount Everest under a full moon on the first Sunday in June.”

And the promotional blurb for Better Than Coffee didn’t sound much different but for some reason we decided to give it a try since we like to review products for this site. Yes we were skeptical even though we did buy 3 tubs of the stuff…go figure!

When tBetter Than Coffee Review - Choline Powderhe tubs arrived we immediately opened one to give it a try. We both had a smell of the contents and agreed it had a lovely sweet smell almost like berries. Not surprising really since one of the ingredients listed on the tub is Natural Mixed Berry Flavor.

We mixed it with juice to try. Once we drank it down we went back to the office and got back to work. We didn’t really think too much about it but within about an hour we started to feel really good. It was like a buzz of energy had hit us and we were feeling fantastic. We both had a very similar reaction.

Normally by around 2pm I am quite lethargic and feel like I need to have a sleep. My energy levels completely collapse and I struggle to keep working. But with this drink I had no problems and I was able to work until 4 or 5pm quite easily. I was literally astounded since I’ve never experienced anything this fast working before.

Choline Punch - Better Than Coffee ReviewNot only did it increase our energy levels but our overall mood increased as well. We both felt a lot happier and in a really good mood and it stayed with us throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

I personally find that if I take Better Than Coffee too early in the day it doesn’t seem to have the same impact. In the morning I am usually quite refreshed anyway so I don’t think I need it but when early afternoon hits and I take it I can feel fighting fit again within 15 minutes. However, if I take it too late in the afternoon I have trouble getting to sleep at night so between 1pm and 4pm is the right time for me to take this drink.

It really does get me through the day and I can function normally without feeling the need to take an afternoon nap.

What’s in it?


One of the main ingredients is Choline which is an essential nutrient that has been found to have some really amazing benefits.

Among these benefits are better mental clarity and  mental alertness.  It is also reported to give you better physical coordination and it may also help to prevent memory loss.

In fact if you don’t have enough Choline you will really feel the effects as your mind will be cloudy, you will probably feel tired during the day and you may also feel distracted and irritable.


This is one of those substances that is beneficial in many ways. It’s a natural anti-oxidant so its good for cleaning up those free radicals that run around your system doing damage. Quercetin  may also lower the bad cholesterol in your system and its a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory.  Reports have shown that this supplement may also help to lower your blood pressure and therefore reducing your risk of heart disease.  And it may also inhibit the growth of tumors.


It also contains Guarana which is a herb that works like caffeine but it does a better job because it gives an energy boost that is more powerful and sustained.  Guarana is used to fight fatigue and increase stamina and physical endurance.  It’s also used in herbal weight loss pills and there is some evidence that it may suppress appetite and increase fat-burning because of its stimulant properties.

As anyone coffee drinker will tell you that morning hit of caffeine gets them going, well Guarana gets rid of brain fog, and gives you a boost that is longer lasting than coffee.

And 19 Other Ingredients

Apart from these three ingredients there are 19 other ingredients to help give you a boost, including:

Vitamin B6 – which helps maintain healthy brain function.

Folic Acid – there is some evidence that a lack of folic acid is linked to depression.

Chromium – which may help to reduce bad cholesterol and raise the amount of good cholesterol in the body and it may help to reduce your blood pressure and your risk of getting heart disease.

 Acai (ah-sah-ee) Berry,  a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to improve mental function

Ginko Leaf – according to the University of Maryland, Medical Center, clinical studies have shown that it increases blood flow in your brain which improves memory, dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

Co-Enzyme Q10 – has too many benefits to mention but helps to maintain a healthy heart and is also beneficial in the treatment of migraine headaches.

So If you are looking for a boost of mental alertness with the added bonus of a long lasting energy boost then we highly recommend ‘Better than Coffee”

It really does work for us, we order Better than Coffee in bulk, on a regular basis.

What is the flavor like?

Better Than Coffee is a powder so you mix it with water or juice. You use one tablespoon per glass of water (8 fluid oz).  It’s quite sweet so when we first tried it with straight juice it really was overly sweet. We now make it with half juice, half water. We have tried it with straight water and it is easy to drink but it is much nicer with juice. The flavour really is delicious and we look forward to drinking it. We have tried many other types of energy drink but this one tasted the best by far.

Better Than Coffee Review - Choline Punch ReviewDoes it Mix Well in Water/Juice?

You can see from the image that it mixes quite well with juice although it’s not perfect. You really have to mix it in quickly as soon as you add it to the glass. We also find that we have to stir it between each mouthful otherwise some of it settles on the bottom of the glass and you can be left with clumpy bits at the end. Fortunately however the drink tastes great so even if you happen to find clumpy bits they are easy to swallow.

Would We Buy it Again?

Yes, definitely and in fact we have ordered another three tubs.


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