When you have a boss breathing down your neck, family’s needs to attend to, or financial obligations to settle, it can be difficult to maintain composure. Sometimes all the responsibilities and expectations may become too overwhelming that stress gets the best of you, and when it does, the results could be far from pleasant.

Stress is considered a normal part of life. A little stress can motivate you to achieve your goals, but too much of it can leave you paralysed and distracted. And usually, how you respond to it creates the difference.

If you’re struggling with stress each day of your life and are close to waving the white flag, here are five ways to help you stop it from sucking the life out of you:


Whenever things don’t go well as expected or challenges become too much to bear, breathe. Concentrate on your breathing for at least three minutes and observe how it eases your anxiety. If you’ve noticed, people who practise yoga or meditation typically start their exercises with deep breathing because it has a calming effect on the nerves and drives out negative thought patterns which may cause one to panic and make poor, hasty decisions.

Remove Your Cape

The stress you are experiencing probably comes from your desire to rescue people from their troubles. But however you would want to solve all your office or family problems, accept the fact that you’re no superhero and you can’t fix them all. Refuse to take further obligations and learn to say no if you already have a lot on your plate.

Take One Step at a Time

This is, perhaps, one of the hardest and most clichéd advice, but taking it one step at a time allows you to cope with your struggles without neglecting the joy of the present. Learn to set priorities and goals for the day and try to achieve them. As much as possible, avoid procrastination as this would only result to unproductive days and half-baked works.

Tap into Your Support Network

Joined HandsOne of the best ways to de-stress your life is to tap into your support network. Confide in your close friends and family members about your present circumstance and draw strength from them to overcome your challenges. You could also seek the guidance of a life coach or a personal development coach to help you deal with your struggles. A personal development coach can assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, improving your potentials, and finding the path to self-discovery. You can look up for personal development videos online to understand what is involved in life coaching and to start your journey to self-awareness.

Indulge in the Arts

If you have a knack for poetry, painting, music, or any activity that encourages your creativity to run free, now is the time to indulge in them. Art is known to offer therapeutic effects to those who take pleasure in them, and it is also during stressful situations that art becomes a healthy avenue for one to communicate his or her troubles, worries, and unrealised dreams.

Stress may come in all shapes and sizes, but remember that you have the power to tame it. It may take some time and plenty of courage, but eventually all your efforts will pay off once you decide to stave off stress when it strikes.


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