whisper-of-humanity-1A friend of my grandaughter is doing an arts degree and she has come up with a rather nice idea for a project she needs to complete.

Rowena has designed some cards which she handed out to friends, with the idea that they would post them in different places and take pictures of them and send copies of the pictures back to her.  Well this is not going quite as well as she had hoped.

So we suggested that we put them up on our blog and our Facebook page asking everyone to share or like one or the other of the pictures, or even both.

So in the comment field either here or on Facebook you can do one of two things

Share the picture and leave the comment ‘Shared’ and the country you live in i.e Shared-Australia.

or you can simply like the picture but still add the country you live in just so she has some idea of how far afield this goes.

So please take a few seconds to help this young lady complete her assignment.