bored-at-workYou know what? There’s nothing worse than constantly hearing one of your colleagues whine and moan about how much they hate their job. I mean, surely if they want to get out that much they’d do something about it, right?

The trouble is that this incessant negativity has a tendency to bring those around them down too and before pretty soon the whole office has a dark cloud hanging over it refusing to let the sunshine in.

So, if you happen to know, sit near or can hear someone who isn’t happy with their lot, then the five ideas below may give them a helpful nudge in the right direction of the exit door. Who knows, once they finally bite the bullet they may take those gloomy black clouds with them?


That’s right, just tell the boss that you’re not keen on what you’re doing and you want out, NOW! Who cares if you don’t have another job to go to or you’ve got bills to pay, the main thing is that you’re out and free to do whatever you want. The chances are that you’ll have a notice period so there’s plenty of time to look for a new job but the initial breaking of your employment umbilical cord requires a written notice and a whole lot of guts.

Start a vocational course

Ok, so perhaps just kicking your job into touch without a back-up plan isn’t the safest option, especially if you haven’t got a stack of cash in your bank account. If you do intend to leave your job but feel that you could stick it for another 6 months or even a year then evening classes and online courses offer the chance to learn a new trade that you can fall back on once you decide to jump ship. TEFL courses, massage classes, gardening and sports coaching are all great examples of how you can earn after you learn.

Look for something else

If you don’t feel that you can wait to give your job the flick then perhaps you should start looking for something else but, whatever you do, don’t do it in work time. Seriously, if you want to find another job there’s nothing to make you paranoid quicker than thinking that your boss knows that you’re looking for another job. Use your lunch breaks, evenings and weekends to trawl the job sites, newspapers and employment agencies and then you can rest easy that you’re not about to get the boot before you’re ready to do the booting.

Take a sabbatical

Most companies these days have an HR department that will be able to tell you about their sabbatical policy however, in a nutshell, a sabbatical gets you a few months off work so you can do something different before returning to your job. Who knows, after a few months of voluntary work abroad or writing that novel that you’ve always been meaning to get around to, you might actually be happy to return to your old role? Of course, you’ll need to support yourself financially whilst on a sabbatical but with the safety net of returning to work at the end of your time off, this is a pretty sensible option.

Have children

Now, before you start thinking that this is a completely sexist comment, think again. Having kids gets you maternity leave if you’re a mum and paternity leave if you’re a dad and these days being a stay at home dad is a perfectly genuine option if you a. earn less than your partner and b. dislike your job so much that you’d rather change nappies. However, for all of those fathers-in-waiting out there who think that looking after babies all day is just a walk in the park then stroll on because believe you me, after a couple of weeks, you’ll be begging to get back to the sanctity of that oh so boring office.

Author Bio:
Chris is currently very happy in his job however, if the time ever comes when he’s not then he’ll be off on a sabbatical quicker than a rat up a drain pipe.