195-cttw-sterling-silver-14k-gold-plated-genuine-heart-shaped-garnet-pendntGarnet is a beautiful gemstone. Not only is it the birthstone of January but it’s been used by spiritual healers for thousands of years. In fact legend has it that Noah used a garnet stone lamp to light his way during the 40 days and 40 nights of rainfall.

Garnet comes in all sorts of colors with red being the most predominate and recognizable one. It should be noted that the different colors of garnet are associated with different bodily areas and healing practices. This is just a brief guide to garnet. There’s a lot more to learn about this versatile and beautiful gemstone.

Garnet is best used when it’s been cut and polished. This can help focus the energy of the crystal. The simple rule of thumb is you want the brightest polished garnet you can get. Look for professional jeweler polished stones.  The brighter the garnet the more energy you can harness from it.

Garnet deals mainly with protection. It’s used to shield against toxins and can possibly help with food poisoning and other ingested toxins.  Garnet is a purifier and can help aid in the removal of not only negative energy but infection and diseases.

On the more spiritual side of things garnet is considered a dream stone. It can help enhance your dreams and even aid in the recall of former lives.

Since Garnet’s main color is red it’s closely associated with passion. Garnet has been used to help heal broken hearts as well as igniting self confidence and creativity.

If you’re looking for a truly versatile noble gemstone then garnet is a perfect choice. It has plenty of spiritual and physical uses from protection to purification to passion.

It’s also easily made into a piece of jewelry such as  Genuine Heart Shaped Garnet Pendant shown above, which will keep you in contact with the crystal power all day long.

Attributes at a glance:

COLOR Available in shades of Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Black
APPEARANCE Transparent or translucent. Garnet can be small and faceted or large and opaque
SOURCE Worldwide
ATTRIBUTES A revitalizing stone, it cleanses the chakras, amplifies the properties of other stones,  and helps you to let go of outdated ideas.