TektiteTektites are an amazing type of mineral. They are formed in one of the most violent events possible, a meteor or comet impact with the earth. What happens is that when an asteroid hits the earth it instantly heats and melts the rock surrounding the impact site. This liquid rock is then blown into the air by the force of the explosion.  As it travels thousands of feet up through the atmosphere the molten rock begins to cool. Since it’s essentially in free fall they form into spherical or tear drop shaped globules.  Because the explosion was so powerful these minerals can be tossed up to thousands of miles away from the initial meteor impact site.

Tektites typically have a translucent brownish glass look to them. They can appear similar to obsidian in that they are smooth but the chemical structure is entirely different.

Tektites are commonly found throughout Indochina and Australia. As a gem they have minimal value unless you find the rarer moldovite which has a more green hue to them.

Since these minerals were formed through cataclysmic forces they are thought to have an unusual amount of power to them. They are often associated with fire and earth energy.

When it comes to spiritual uses these stones help to bring strength to a person when it comes to balance and trust issues with others and even can help to improve communicative efforts. They are also used to help with weak blood like anemia and even some forms of mild depression like melancholy. 

To sum it all up tektites are powerful stones formed by the dynamic confluence or earth and sky. When these two essential elements mix together they form a powerful stone that has some of the best properties of earth. They’re forged in fire and a great choice to use in any crystal healing methodology.

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