Zeolite Type Crystal StructuresZeolite isn’t the typical gem stone type crystal. Instead it’s a type of volcanic ash that when mixed with a base PH water forms a lattice crystal structure. Zeolites have been very popular recently for research projects, even being grown in space. They form fairly rapidly making them excellent choices for scientific research. The term zeolite refers to an entire family of crystals and shouldn’t be confused with a singular entity such as a diamond or emerald.

 Zeolites are used in all sorts of commercial industries as well as for alternative healing. 

In western medicine zeolites are used to help remove impurities from oxygen. This lets normal ambient air be concentrated and the oxygen content boosted. One of their most important usages though has been as a coagulating agent. If you’ve seen any war documentaries where a soldier gets a powder poured into a bullet wound, that’s zeolite. It quickly stops the bleeding and helps improve battle field injury survivability. 

Some of the other industries that zeolites are used in are petrochemical, nuclear, and even agriculture. 

The most popular home usage though is in commercial odor removers. The zeolites can trap and bind odor particles. It’s a much healthier way to keep your home odor free than relying on harsh chemicals. 

In alternative medicine zeolites have been used mainly for heavy metal chelation. This is a process of removing heavy metals from the body. The greatest benefit to this system is that the zeolite is emulsified into a suspension and then taken orally.  The particles can then bind with the heavy metals and allow them to be naturally flushed from the body. 

Whether you’re looking to deodorize your home naturally or just need a cleansing it’s worthwhile to look into the zeolite family. These naturally occurring minerals have thousands of uses.

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